25. Iceland – Frozen Hearts and Puddled Lands

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As much as I thought I’d mentally prepared myself for the “dark time” of visiting Iceland in December, my body was still puzzled when I looked out the window of the shuttle bus and was met with the pitch black. I triple-checked, but the glowing numbers on my phone informed me it was still half past nine in the morning.

Leave No Trace – Let The Mountain Keep Her Crown

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The art of making a flower wreath was one I worked hard to conquer. It was one that embodied my hippie-soul and allowed me to express my affinity for peace and love and all things flower child. All that changed when I realized I was stealing the crown from its rightful owner. During my time at the University of Colorado, I have become informed of the dangers of picking wildflowers in our alpine mountain climate, and want to talk a little about it with you here.

As an avid Colorado hiker, it is necessary to research trails and mountain hikes in the Rocky Mountain region before a trek. Most resources are supplemented with wilderness manners or, as they are better known, Leave No Trace principles. Living in Colorado opens all of us up to an incredible opportunity to participate in honoring nature and contributing to the legacy that our state has in preserving the wilderness world, so today I will share how picking wildflowers is actually an act with long-term consequences on our natural world. It is imperative that we respect the Leave No Trace principles to protect and preserve the great outdoors.

11. Nicaragua – For the Love of Bicicletas

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I was introduced to [who is now] one of my best friends in the Denver International Airport. We had mutual friends and were both headed to Nicaragua. In the years to come, we would bond over our opportunity to kill, clean, and cook a chicken, but for the week ahead of us, we were going to be a part of a bicycle repair clinic in Nagarote, Nicaragua.